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Real Estate Investing is a $300 billion dollar industry and one of the strongest ways to build wealth in the WORLD! Learn the step-by-step methods we used to build our $12 million dollar portfolio

You Will Learn...
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Our Four Ways to Wealth

Buying properties that cash flow

Investing in profitable locations

Connecting with like minded people

Helping People Invest in Canada and Internationally

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See how a recent Grad, Brine was able to... BROADEN HIS THINKING.

Proven, step-by-step real estate coaching on processes you can use to achieve your first or next real estate purchase.

Experts and a team with knowledge of the industry best practices and techniques that would take you years of research and study to learn. (We’ve done the work, now you can benefit from it!)

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And the best part is that you get access to EVERYTHING we have developed and created over two decades of learning, coaching and teaching. WE GIVE YOU EVERYTHING—the whole SHE-bang. Our blood, sweat and tears, our trials and errors, the money we put into training and development, the conferences and workshops we’ve attended, and even degrees in education and psychology—you benefit from ALL OF IT!

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Here's What you are going TO LEARN...

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Build your Real Estate portfolio with practical knowledge from experienced people

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Invest with confidence. What to look for and how to act decisively.

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Buying Real Estate can be hard to start...but Cashflow, Equity and Appreciation are worth it.

You are in the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, now make the RIGHT DECISION!!

You are a transformation junkie on a journey to master skills so you can banish the fear and negative patterns that don’t serve you, so you can fulfill your real estate goals!

You want to use what you learn to help yourself become a real estate investor but DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN or what you really need.

You want to improve your confidence and skills, but TRAINING is EXPENSIVE and it takes too long.

You’re tired of playing small, feeling like you’re starting from scratch or your unsure how to buy a property.

Or maybe you’re a first time buyer, an existing owner, a realtor, an investor, or any other professional who wants to add more tools to your toolbox.


What if we told you that you could enroll in a Real Estate Training program that provides DONE FOR YOU Real Estate Buying tips and skills, that includes EVERYTHING you need to buy your first property the RIGHT WAY NOW?  A complete guide to helping you master your mindset , emotions and develop true confidence.

Learn the Secrets of Real Estate Investing

How To Repair Your Credit

Finding and Analyzing the Deals

Unconventional Ways to Homeownership

Now is the best time to become a HOMEOWNER or REAL ESTATE INVESTOR!

Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I pay for certain parts of the program individually?"

No, you cannot purchase any part of the program individually. You must buy the entire course at once as we've built it in a sequential order that best ensures your success. Course modules or bonus items are not sold separately.

"What if I need support while going through the course & working to buy a property?"

Our number one priority as coaches is to support the success of our students with our courses. If you ever have questions or need support, you can always email us at

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer a refund but we are committed to helping our students succeed with our course and are 100% confident in the information, strategies, and materials provided to support their success. To date, we have never had an unhappy client or student.Please reach out and ask questions as need be.

Can these strategies work in countries outside of Canada?

While every market is unique, these strategies can be highly effective across virtually many countries around the world when applied correctly. Some of our success stories are in Canada, United States, South America and the Caribbean!