Wealth Building Series

Rome was not built in one day and definitely not by one person working alone. 

Join to discover the benefits of being part of a community that builds together.

 We guarantee the knowledge, tools, and access to experts for you to build wealth with confidence. 


And why real estate?

“90% of Millionaires got their Wealth by Investing in Real Estate” – Andrew Carnegie
So what are YOU waiting for… we know the struggle is real and we were once there too… not enough capital, knowledge, courage and options

The 10 Year Challenge 2012-2022...
This could have been you

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Are you ready for the NEXT

Regardless of your personal or professional goals, the biggest factor that will impact your success and fulfillment in life is your mental and emotional well-being. All people face challenges and roadblocks in life, however it is the internal obstacles, such as limiting beliefs, negative thinking, and harmful emotional patterns, that hold you back.
We will be rolling back the curtain on Real Estate Investing to give you the Knowledge, Network, Analysis and Coaching so you can get the Keys to your Success.


This Wealth Building is designed to help you…
  • Build Wealth Now
  • Make it easier to pass on to your children
  • Increase your income
  • Create a Legacy for your family
  • Teach your Children to sustain wealth
  • Gain access to Profitable Properties…
  • Connect to a Trusted Network of Professional
And the best part is that you get access to systems we have developed and created over two decades of learning, coaching and teaching. WE GIVE YOU EVERYTHING—the whole SHE-bang. Our blood, sweat and tears, our trials and errors, the money we put into training and development, the conferences and workshops we’ve attended, and even degrees in education and psychology—you benefit from ALL OF IT!
You will learn best practices and powerful principles of Real Estate Investing. You’ll learn proven strategies for finding great opportunities and overcoming the fear and self-doubt and helping you develop the confidence to leap to your next level of Wealth.


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What if we told you that you could enroll in a Real Estate Training program that provides done for you  Real Estate Buying tips and skills, that includes everything you need to buy your first property the right way now?

A complete guide to helping you master your mindset , emotions and develop true confidence.

  • Learn the Secrets of Real Estate Investing
  • How To Repair Your Credit
  • Finding and Analyzing the Deals
  • Unconventional Ways to Homeownership

Here’s a success story from our last session of our Course which this couple speakers about after working with us, they were able to acquire a rental property outside the province and its cash-flowing $1000 per month


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2042 for...
The next generation

In 10 years an investment in real estate would have double your money just in passive market appreciation. Back in 2012 it was also considered hard to get a mortgage and hard to find a property. Don’t let the news and talk of escalating prices hold you back from your home ownership and investments goals.  Come learn with us to start your portfolio and start building wealth for yourself and your family. 


Brine and Tonya after taking our mentorship, after some discouraging situations, it seemed like it would not be possible, but with perseverance and multiple strategies they bought a property under $200,000 making  $1000 cash flow out of province!! 

The Sood Family (parents and sons purchasing together, their success story with purchased and tenanting – In addition to connecting them with the right realtor we were able to find them excellent tenants within 30 days helping them to make $60K annually on this property. This is how families build generational wealth and we help them with how to purchase and the process successful tenant and manage.


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Effective Budgeting &
Debt Reduction

Improve Your Credit


Then learn what makes a profitable Property investment through Analysis of Active and Passive investments and Locations to Buy so that you can successfully start building

The Wealth Building Series is to help to bring together people to build wealth in a community. In groups you will learning with us, you will be confident going out to create the success in Real Estate that you desire and at the same time be accountable to each other helping and supporting each other to do you know take action. Whether you’re at the point where you working on your credit or you’re working on building up your income or your savings to help invest in real estate this is going to be an opportunity to talk through that with experts who can help guide you.  Taking the next step are critical and help you move forward along with learning opportunities and applicable exercises to help you go out there and start taking actions to achieve the results of owning Real Estate and Building Wealth for yourself and your family.


Real Estate Investing whether you’re just starting out or already own your own property always seems unattainable. In this session we take an in-depth look at your goals and setting up a plan to get there. 

Have you mastered your personal finances, are you spending less than you earn?  This week we cover 2 things –

  • How to create and follow a budget
  • The costs associated with ownership 
  • Income sources and access to capital
  • What can I afford to buy 

When you’re getting ready to travel, you make sure you have all you need, tickets, luggage, money and of course your passport. Credit is like your passport when it comes to Real Estate. In this session we help you understand

  • How Important your credit is to your success in real estate
  • How to improve your credit
  • What you can do if you don’t have good credit

Be prepared, there will be homework

Ok so now you’re ready to consider what types of Investment Properties will get you to your goals. 

  • Condo & Single Family to Multi-Family Investment 
  • How 

There are other options for investing in Real Estate that don’t include owning properties directly. 

  • Hands off investing
  • Risk vs Return 
  • Due Diligence

Coming full circle, we take a look at your goals and a truer statement has never been said – Your network determines your networth!! 

  • What does it mean to invest as a community?
  • Determine Top 5 Critical next steps
  • Connect the Network
  • Plan next 6 weeks

If your next steps are to get into an active investment, you’re likely to become a new landlord. This bonus content will help you on that journey to becoming a successful Landlord. 

  • Tenant Screening and Management
  • Maintaining your investment to provide the greatest returns.



  • Gain Clarity
  • Establish Your Goal
  • Next Steps


  • Investment Community
  • Share Knowledge & Experience
  • Industry News


$ 69
  • 6 Week Program
  • Tools and Templates
  • Access to Experts
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