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We are real estate coaching experts and investors! We are also moms. Our gift is helping women get started NOW buying properties to begin wealth building for themselves and their families!

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What Our Clients Say

This refreshing power team is extremely knowledgeable, professional and driven to help you achieve your goals. If you are looking to partner with folks that have personal success and are happy to help you succeed too, look no further. The KEAN team rocks, and I look forward to continue to grow my portfolio with them!
You have to spend money to make money! Andrea and Kemba are very knowledgeable in this area and I believe truly that they are the best people to help reach my investment goals. Their background in this area is amazing and I can’t wait to continue to build with them as my mentors 😊 Thank you!
Kemba and Andrea, Thank you for an incredible job ... We are very happy with the options and advice provided. Everything was seamless and we've learned so much about starting off in real estate investing. I encourage any new or existing Real Estate Investors to contact Kean Real Estate Group. We are so pleased with their service and will highly recommend them to others!

Real Estate Investing Made Easy

Buy like an investor, whether you’re just starting out, or looking to move on to your next property…

  • Help get you prepared for purchase

  • How to finance

  • Step by step process to buying

  • Best strategy to meet your investing goals

  • Plan your exit strategies

Interested but unsure if coaching is right for you?
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Sure we do! Typically we help women who already have a brand, business and or podcast with monetization ideas. We also help them with advanced growth strategies. Unsure if we can help you with something specific, simply ask! We love to get voice DM’s on IG!

It depends on how you like to learn. Also, how self-motivated are you to implement what you learn? Those of you who can take a simple course and dig in, courses are a great option. They are usually less expensive than 1:1 coaching. Cons? You don’t get help implementing and you don’t get personalized help on YOUR business, brand and issues. Private coaching is so successful because it’s our eyes on what you need. Specific steps and accountability to make sure you see your ideas through.

We can usually start as soon as 1-2 weeks after you sign on. We work with your schedule to find by providing a booking system to select dates that work for you.

We would hope that we can give you everything you need to get the answers, roadmap, and clarity you need. To date, we have never had an unhappy client or student. We would recommend listening to some of our podcast episodes to see if we would be a good fit. 

Please reach out as sometimes, we have specials that we can offer. To be fully transparent, we do not offer refunds on coaching or courses.

No exceptions.

Personally we know we’re ready for coaching, mentorship, or a new course whenever we get stuck. Or, when we’re too comfortable. Coaching is a must to get you past your own limitations. And, every time we’ve ever invested in a coach, event, or course we see that investment multiply within months. We are usually in our own way! Haha.

Pricing varies based on what you are looking for! We believe in offering affordable coaching that is enough of a stretch to inspire you to take massive action. We do not publish our prices because they are updated once a year. 

Please email us for the available coaching sessions

Then ladies, let’s get CLARITY! It makes us sad when our students and clients tell us they waited to get coaching because they felt confused and unsure. That is WHAT WE DO. Literally. We help women just like you figure out how to FOCUS. We are able to navigate all the ideas and brainstorm WITH you to fine-tune your genius and put it together so you have a clear plan of action. 

Trust us on this!

Hello! This is Kemba and Andrea.

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Women Entrepreneurs & Real Estate Investors

Our mission is…

To help women create wealth by turning their passion into a successful business 

That enables them be their own BOSS while raising their children.

To empower women entrepreneurs to develop the right mindset, 

To acquire the necessary skills for building wealth, and to be willing to fail forward while realizing their true destiny.

Because we know there is no limit to what we, as women can accomplish.


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