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I started the Wealth Building Series with KEAN Real Estate Group in April, 2022. At the time I had interest in becoming a real estate investor, however I had no idea of how or where to start, much less believe that it was possible. The program gave me the tools, knowledge, and access to resources to understand the types of real estate investing, location considerations, property analysis, and financing. This program provided me the education to create an investor mindset, clarify my investment goals, and build confidence.    Within weeks of starting the program I became aware of an investment opportunity.  Needing focused one on one support, I engaged KEAN’s Coaching services. Andrea and Kemba held my hand at every step throughout the process and provided personalized guidance, sharing their wealth of knowledge, expertise, and connecting me to their network of real estate professionals. As I embarked on the purchase of my first investment property, their coaching kept me on track with a view of the bigger picture.  I’m happy to share that I closed on a duplex end of June, 2022! What started off as a distant dream became a reality in just a few months. I highly recommend KEAN Real Estate Group! Having them in your corner on your real estate investment journey, will accelerate your progress to achieving your goals!
by Rachel Baptiste
Real Estate Investor
If you asked us two years ago if we had two homes in Oshawa closing next year, own a six figure business and wanting to add more investments onto our portfolio, you think that would be a nice dream. We came across a post from Andrea and Kemba while scrolling and we attended a FREE webinar. We were living pay cheque to pay cheque and did not have the funds at the moment to make a home purchase, but we wanted to invest in ourselves and learn more so that when the time was right, we would be ready. Purchasing the course has been one of our best investment thus far. Andrea is now a friend, business partner and the accountability coach we needed to take action and progress in our journey. The possibilities are endless when you have the right team supporting you. Leveraging people, technology and money paired with the right knowledge from expert veterans was the key through the door which got us to where we are and we hope to keep on growing. I'd highly recommend Andrea and Kemba to get you started in your investing journey. They are very friendly and knowledgeable, making them very easy to talk to and great mentors for your journey into real estate investing.
by Marie and Nav
group investment property
We decided to work with KEAN after our own efforts to find a tenant were not successful. We received an immediate response with a clear explanation of the process and fee structure. Their marketing efforts included posting on several different sites, well written copy and keeping us constantly updated on their progress. Couldn't possibly be happier with the KEAN team and the excellent tenant they found for us! Thank You!
by Tony Fera
It was an amazing experience dealing with Kemba and her team for finding a tenant for my town house. Kemba is professional responsible and most of all really friendly and easy going. We have found a tenant within 2 weeks of working with Kemba and I would not hesitate to recommend Kemba and KEAN Placement for landlords who are looking for quality tenants.
by Erangani Madugalla

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