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At Kean Real Estate Group, we empower our clients through real estate education and advising to build and grow their portfolios. As landlords ourselves we also provide premium property management and tenant placement services.  We find that owners are most satisfied when we cost-effectively deliver property services and strive to provide well-maintained properties with continued excellence and dedication to providing quality customer service

The KEAN Real Estate Group Difference:

Our professional approach to property management ensures that clients receive the best possible experience. So, from our initial consultation to our day to day supports, we ensure that our client receives the highest quality services.
As a result of our more than 30 Years of experience, we understand what it takes to be successful in real estate. As such, we can offer consultancy services to improve your portfolio and increase profitability.
Landlords Helping Landlords
With more than 30 years of experience finding and supporting tenants, maintaining properties and delivering exceptional results
International Networks
A wide network of experts in real estate sales and acquisitions, constructions, development and auxillary services we provide the connections where you need them most.

Your Real Estate Dream Team

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Andrea Williams
Andrea Williams
Andrea Williams is married and has three beautiful daughters. She started from humble beginnings on the island of Jamaica, and after immigrating to Canada with her sister, was placed in foster care. These difficult childhood experiences gave Andrea a passion to rise above life’s early challenges to pursue careers as a Primary School Teacher, a Financial Advisor and Real Estate Investor. With her wide range of talents, Andrea was able to amass a diverse portfolio across the US, Canada, and Internationally. As a lifelong learner and teacher, Andrea Co-foundered the Kean Real Estate Group Inc to offer her vast experience to help build a better future for others.
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Kemba Williams
Kemba Williams
Kemba Williams, a wife and mother of three, is the other co-founder of the Kean Real Estate Group Inc. A second generation Canadian, she grew up on the small Caribbean island of St. Lucia with her family until she returned to Canada for an undergraduate degree at the University of Western Ontario. She chose to remain in Canada to pursue a career in banking. Simultaneously, Kemba grew a passion for Real Estate investing that began with a first home in 2007.  From there she’s expanded her portfolio into multifamily investments across Canada. In 2019, seeing a need for more targeted education and support services for underserved communities, the Kean Real Estate Group was formed.

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