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Rome wasn't built in a day and definitely not by one person working alone.

A real estate investing course in six parts.

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Course Overview

Regardless of your personal or professional goals, the biggest factor that will impact your success and fulfillment in life is your mental and emotional well-being. All people face challenges and roadblocks in life, however it is the internal obstacles, such as limiting beliefs, negative thinking, and harmful emotional patterns, that hold you back.

We will be rolling back the curtain on Real Estate Investing to give you the knowledge, networks, analysis skills and coaching so you can access the keys to your success.

You will learn best practices and powerful principles of Real Estate Investing. You’ll learn proven strategies for finding great opportunities and overcoming the fear and self-doubt and helping you develop the confidence to leap to your next level of Wealth.

It's designed for you to:


Change your mindset.

Reduce debt & effectively mage your budget.

Improve your credit.

Generate income.


Real Estate Investing whether you’re just starting out or already own your own property always seems unattainable. In this session we take an in-depth look at your goals and setting up a plan to get there. 

Have you mastered your personal finances, are you spending less than you earn?  This week we cover 2 things –

  • How to create and follow a budget
  • The costs associated with ownership 
  • Income sources and access to capital
  • What can I afford to buy 

When you’re getting ready to travel, you make sure you have all you need, tickets, luggage, money and of course your passport. Credit is like your passport when it comes to Real Estate. In this session we help you understand

  • How Important your credit is to your success in real estate
  • How to improve your credit
  • What you can do if you don’t have good credit

Be prepared, there will be homework

Ok so now you’re ready to consider what types of Investment Properties will get you to your goals. 

  • Condo & Single Family to Multi-Family Investment 
  • How 

There are other options for investing in Real Estate that don’t include owning properties directly. 

  • Hands off investing
  • Risk vs Return 
  • Due Diligence

If your next steps are to get into an active investment, you’re likely to become a new landlord. This bonus content will help you on that journey to becoming a successful Landlord. 

  • Tenant Screening and Management
  • Maintaining your investment to provide the greatest returns.


Here’s a success story from our session this past year. This wonderful couple was able to acquire a rental property that is now over $1,000 cash flow positive per month.

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"Its one of the nights with you that's lead us to the best place to buy and now we're making $1,000 per month cashflow."
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