August 2021

Property Management Fees

Can paying Property Management Fees prevent you from Earning Positive Cash Flow?

Real estate investors who want to enjoy the financial benefits of owning a rental property but don't have the time to manage it can consider hiring professional property management services. This gives investors the chance to delegate nearly all the tasks and challenges associated with rental property management. On the flip side, the investors must pay property management fees to ensure that the property...

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Success and Family Life, Managing It All

Hi, everyone. Welcome to Kean on You Podcast with Andrea and Kemba. We are here this evening with Tonya and Brine Hamilton, who are the hosts of the Disrupt the Every Day Podcast. We've worked with them off and on, and they are awesome. And you should listen to their Podcast every chance you get. Tonya and Brine, can you just introduce yourselves a little bit? Tell us about you. For sure. I'm Brine...

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Condo Investment 101: What you should know before Investing in Condo Properties in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

One of the most reliable sources of passive income aside from bonds and stocks in a condo investment. Investing in an apartment, residential condominium, or office unit to rent it out creates steady monthly rental paychecks similar to purchasing dividend-paying bonds or stocks that usually pay interest income. Besides, any appreciation in the value of a real estate investment comes as an added benefit...

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